Consultancy Services

India Business Consulting

JAS-JAI Group is offering assistance to those Global Companies who are aspiring to enter Indian Market or eager to set up their liaison offices in India. In fact, our founder CEO has already assisted a couple of European, African Business Groups and has set up full-fledged Liaison offices for them in Mumbai.

Our distinct advantage lies in following;

  • Formulation of Strategy & Road map for entry in India
  • Company formation, Registration
  • Legal Registrations required under Excise and Tax Laws
  • Obtaining EXIM Code and Licenses
  • Shop Act Registration

Also, we assist for;

  • Market Research (Identifying local market potential in all respects)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Strategic due diligence)
  • Head hunting (Recruitment of talent)

Supply Chain Consulting

In today’s fast changing scenario, almost all Companies face the challenge of re-inventing themselves. This is inevitable due to increasing Global Competition, Regulatory Pressures and ever increasing Customer Expectations. JAS-JAI Group acts like a Catalyst and assist all such Companies so as to deal with such challenges.

Our experts adopt a structured approach which includes;

  • Understanding of Customer needs
  • Conducting interviews with the relevant stake holders
  • Identifying gaps within the existing system
  • Defining / Proposing of new Supply Chain Models (Options)
  • Choosing of appropriate Model (Option)
  • Implementation of this new Supply Chain Model

Also, we assist for;

  • Supplier Identification, Qualification
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Management
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation

Procurement Consulting

As regards to Global Sourcing, although the World is small, but vast enough to locate a Right Source for an Item (or a Product) and that too at a Right price.May it be any consumer item or an engineering component or sub assembly or any raw material, we in JAS-JAI Group are able to recommend the Right Source and even help in settling its Right Price.

JAS-JAI Group has established contacts with OEM sources belonging to;

  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • USA

Also, we liaison for;

  • Frame Contracting

Functional Consulting

JAS-JAI Group offers Functional Consulting (for different SAP Projects) and the modus operandi followed by our Functional Consultants is as follows.

  • To understand the modules they are implementing and the set up and configuration options available
  • To map the requirements of the Customer to the capabilities of the ERP system. Everything configured is documented according to their categories in the form of predefined templates; these then have to be approved by the Team Leads or whoever our Consultant is reporting to. Mapping and GAP analysis is done for each module.
  • Before starting configuring future business processes in SAP, the DFDs/ERDs are prepared, this documentation is called TO BE, which can be also said as the result of mapping and gap analysis.
  • Sometimes our Functional consultants are also expected to prepare test scripts for testing the configured scenarios. Testing may also include Unit testing, System Integration Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing or any client specific software testing.
  • A configuration document showing all the setting done by the Consultant also comes under the area of roles & responsibilities of our Consultant.
  • End user manual and user training is also being done by our Functional Consultants.
  • There will also be interaction with other modules consultants.
  • Updating of project status to Project Manager & other concerned persons.
  • Interaction with core team members, end users & other team members (consultants)

Our Functional consultant is a good communicator and Connects / Communicates/ Facilitates very well with Customer’s ERP core team, Implementing team, Technical Consultant and Project Leader.